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Cosmetic Dentistry Orem UT

Crowns and Bridges

A good Cosmetic Dentist in Orem, UT is hard to find especially when it comes to crowns. Crowns are an extremely reliable way of repairing a tooth that has sustained extensive damage. A bridge may be used to replace missing teeth and is essentially two or more crowns connected by porcelain or gold material. Crowns and bridges may be necessary due to a large cavity or the result of some diseases. They may also be needed as a result of damage from an accident. In some cases enough tooth structure has been lost or weakened that a filling will not support chewing forces. In these situations it is necessary to place a crown.

Sometimes people have unexplained tooth pain, most often from back teeth that have fillings, which is often due to hairline cracks. A crown placed on these teeth usually relieves the pain and allows them to resume normal function.

At our orem cosmetic dentistry, a crown that we place on your tooth should last you many years if you take care of it. This includes daily flossing and brushing. Our Orem Cosmetic Dentist offer a guarantee on our crowns (we’ll replace them at no charge) for 5 years if you come in every 6 months for your continuing care visits.

Crowns in our cosmetic dentistry in Orem are placed in two visits. In the first visit, we remove all decay and shape the tooth so that it is ready for a crown to be placed. You will leave this appointment with a temporary crown made of acrylic. At your second visit, the permanent crown is adjusted to fit your tooth and your bite. It is finally cemented into place leaving your mouth with a beautiful new tooth.


We are a cosmetic Dentist in Orem, UT that really know’s Bonding. Bonding is a type of restorative procedure used to repair chipped, cracked or miscolored teeth. The procedure consists of placing a primer on the tooth, followed by a bonding agent. After the bonding agent is cured, the final restorative material is placed on the tooth and sculpted to form the desired look.

Bonding can usually be done in one visit, allowing the patient to leave immediately with a nice looking tooth. However, bonding is not as strong as natural teeth and will not provide as long lasting results as a veneer or other restorative procedure might. It will usually require repair or replacement after about three years, depending on chewing habits and other factors.

Veneers (Lumineers by Cerinate)

A Porcelain Veneer is a thin shell of ceramic that is custom designed to fit over your existing teeth. There are many reasons you might consider placing a veneer. They are an excellent choice for covering discolored teeth, filling in gaps between teeth, or making misaligned teeth look straight without braces. Let us be your next cosmetic Dentist in Orem, UT!