Endodontics in Orem, UT – Dr. Steven P Sachs

Endodontics Orem UT

With today’s modern dental advances, having a root canal done by a dentist is no longer a scary experience. Dr. Sachs is highly experienced in completing a number of endodontic procedures. Extensive decay, an accident, tooth fracture or gum disease can kill teeth and cause symptoms such as pain or a dental abscess. Regardless of the cause, your teeth can be saved using modern therapy by doing a root canal treatment.

Dr. Sachs is also highly skilled and experienced in implant dentistry as well. This can be a great solution to areas of the mouth where you may have lost a tooth. Due to the high success rate of Dr. Sachs implants, there is no need to visit your oral surgeon, periodontist, or any other specialist for a procedure that can be done right here!