Finest Dental implants In Orem UT

Dental Implants are a great way to change the look and function of your mouth. Once a tooth has been removed the bone in that area starts to decrease and once bone is gone it is difficult to get it back and surgery is required. One or more missing teeth can cause problems with the way you chew your food. Teeth tend to drift into the space of the missing teeth/tooth, and can, after a time, start causing (TMD) temporal mandibular dysfunction, a fancy word for problems with opening and closing of your lower jaw witch can become painful. 

Dental Implants are easy and most of the time patients are very surprised at how pain free the treatment can be. The first visit to Sachs Family Dental Clinic for a Orem dental implant begins with an exam, X-rays and study models. Usually the first appointment for dental implants is covered by your insurance. We review each case carefully and go over your treatment and the costs. The second visit is to make sure we have answered all of your questions or concerns. Those that feel frightened or may need some help calming themselves we can give anxiety medicine before the appointment and we also have laughing gas. We then start the procedure at the second appointment and explain what to do and give any necessary medicine.   You return a week later to remove the sutures and we X-ray the area to make sure everything is going well. Dental Implants have a 95% success rate and for me that is important. If you have any questions we will make sure to do our best to answer all of them.

Restoration treatment of dental implants at Sachs Family Dental Clinic Orem depends on where the procedure was done either the upper or lower jaw there is a 4 month time frame before we can place the abutment and crown. the upper jaw takes a little longer because the bone is softer and take more time for bone to attach to the implant and that takes 6 months. This is a two appointment treatment. The first we take an impression of the abutment that is placed into the implant in Orem. We send the impression out to a lab who has worked for me for over 5 years who I trust to do a great job on making the crown. Two weeks later we cement the crown and make any necessary adjustment. 

Every patient I have done a dental implant in Orem UT has been extremely happy that they invested in the implant and would do it again.