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Dr. Sachs has amazing talent!! Several years ago, my son did a face plant off his bike onto the concrete sidewalk. His two top front teeth were shoved up into his gums. Dr. Sachs met us at his office after hours and was successful in bringing the teeth back into place.

- Jenn

I love my Dentist! Dr. Sachs has been a great dentist for me and my family. I have loved going to their office that is always clean, professional and relaxing. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable in their job. I had several questions regarding my insurance and they took care of every issue. Dr. Sachs was very attentive and listened to every concern that I had. I never felt pushed into any procedure and am happy to say I was cavity free. As a mom it is great taking my children to Dentist and not having them complain, they love Dr. Sachs too!

- Glamor123

GREAT DENTIST!!!! I have been going to Sachs Family Dental for about four years and I don’t ever plan on going anywhere else. Dr. Sachs is great in his work and the staff is very nice. He is also great with kids!! My children are everywhere in the dental chair but Dr. Sachs is always so patient and gentle with them. This is a very friendly and professional office to go to and I have always been satisfied with my appointments.

- Anonymous

Two years ago, I busted eleven teeth in a construction accident. Four of the teeth were split horizontally and vertically. With my permission, Dr. Sachs took a new approach to save these teeth (I really did not want to have implants!!!). Today, all eleven teeth have completely healed and I am free of pain.

- Anonymous

This dentist is great! I have loved going to Sachs Family Dental. I was having a terrible toothache and they were so easy to reach in an emergency. It is a relief to know that I can count on them to always be there for me when I need them the most. I was happy that I got in for a follow-up appointment because it helped a lot. They were so happy to answer each and every question I had. They also encouraged me to call if I need any more answers in the future. I highly recommend Sachs Family Dental for all my friends and family, they are great!

- Anonymous

Fabulous Smile. We went to Dr. Sachs for cosmetic enhancement. This can be nerve wracking because you never know if the end result will meet your expectations. Not only do the teeth look fantastic, Dr. Sachs went out of his way, including working after hours, to make sure we had everything we needed. There should be more like him.

- Anonymous

Exceptional Dentist. I’m old enough to have had many dentists during my lifetime. Dr. Sachs is the best of all. He’s been my dentist since he started his practice and has performed every kind of dental service I have needed skillfully and painlessly. He has an exceptionally gentle touch and is a genuinely kind and caring person. I recommend him highly to everyone.

- Anonymous

Patient for life. Dr. Sachs is best dentist we have ever been to. He is always helpful to answer any questions that we may have, and his office staff is friendly. We have no reason to look elsewhere for our dental care.

- Robert C

Dr. Sachs has been a great dentist to me for over 5 years. Their staff is friendly and always willing to help when needed. I needed a cavity filled and Dr. Sachs was great and the procedure was pain free. The staff at the front desk is always helpful and I have never had any issues with my account. I highly recommend Dr. Sachs for any of your dental needs.

- Slurpie25

I have been going to Dr. Sachs for 3 years and he is a great dentist. The root canal done by him was totally pain free and has never given me a bit of trouble since. His office staff is very helpful and worked closely with my insurance company. I would recommend Sachs Family Dental to all family and friends.

- LifeisGood

I have been going to this office for a long time and I have always been very satisfied with how I am treated by the staff, front desk and Dr. Sachs. They are all so kind and you can really tell that they care about you. Dr. Sachs is a fantastic dentist and I recommend him to all of my friends and family.

- Yahoo Local User

I have been going to the Sachs Family Dental for a long time now. They are very good with all that they do as a dentist and the patient always comes first. They are great to be around and make me laugh every time I visit them. I use to be scared of going to the dentist, but they have changed that for me in my life. I love going to see their smiling faces that are very warm and welcoming when I see them. They are my friends who take good care of my teeth and my health as well. I wouldn’t go to see anyone else, but Sachs Family Dental. They are awesome.

- Kate

It’s so hard to find a dentist that is pleasant, professional, and good at what he does. We have found this with Dr. Sachs. On our last visit we were specifically looking for teeth whitening. He gave us multiple options with no pressure. The finished product looks great. He works as well with children as he does with adults, never dismissive or impatient. Additionally, the office staff was friendly and accurate, taking the time to explain any questions.

- Anonymous

I have been going to Sachs Family Dental for several years and have always had a great experience. The receptionists and dental assistants are very nice and always made me feel comfortable and taken care of. Dr. Sachs is also very good. He is very considerate of you as a patient and works hard to make sure you are relaxed and comfortable. I have had several cavities filled from him and he is always very conscientious of my comfort and pain level. I also had my wisdom teeth removed from him and it was a great experience (as good as that kind of thing can be!) I did not feel any pain during the procedure and I experienced minimal swelling after the procedure. Most people didn’t even know I’d had my wisdom teeth out. He is a very knowledgeable dentist and was able to fix some problems with my teeth that a less competent dentist had caused earlier. I would highly recommend him and Sachs Family Dental to anyone!

- Anonymous

Dr. Steven Sachs at Sachs Family Dental is the only dentist that I will go to and the only dentist that I will recommend. My daughter went to another dentist and had 5 cavities filled, Dr. Sachs was not in practice at the time. When he opened his practice I took my daughter to see him and he not only found problems with the 5 previous cavities that were filled he also found 3 more that were not noticed before. Since he has fixed her teeth she has not had any problems. Dr. Sachs has removed wisdom teeth from both my daughter and son and both recovered very well, and fast without a lot of pain. Dr. Sachs has also helped my husband. When my husband was putting in a fence, one of the tools he was using hit his jaw and broke 11 of his teeth. Dr. Sachs has put crowns in all of the broken teeth and my husband is no longer in pain.

- Anonymous

I have been going to Sachs Family Dental since he opened his practice in 2005 and have never been disappointed. Before starting any procedure he always gives me an ample amount of time to make sure I am completely numb so that the process will be as pain free as possible. There have been times when I’ve had an emergency and they fit me right in! I absolutely love his staff and how you are more than just a patient paying them for services. I am always treated with the highest respect and everything is clearly explained to me to my understanding. I also love how clean the office is. I work in the medical field and I have never seen anything as clean as Dr. Sach’s office. I wouldn’t refer anyone to a dentist but Dr. Sachs.

- Kylee

Sachs Family Dental has a friendly staff that always makes me feel comfortable.

- Stephanie Pappas

Dr. Sachs is an awesome man. I met him years ago, when he worked at the University Mall Dental group. He had a very gentle pleasant manner and was very friendly. One experience I will share shows his dedication to good dental work and to his patients. I had a crown that was done by a different dentist. It was too tight and made my mouth sore. Dental floss would not even work, because the crown was so tight. Dr. Sachs said he wanted to fix it for me, and he did. He did it for a great deal, which was unexpected, and so appreciated. In fact, I had not even mentioned the tooth to him. He noticed it during my exam and said, “Does this crown bother you?” I said, “It drives me crazy all the time! He said, “I want to fix it for you…” Dr. Sachs is a man with integrity! He is very gentle and he never hurts me!

- Doneta Ivie

I have been with Dr. Sachs for 8 years! When he opened his own practice, I moved to be with him as opposed to staying with the existing office, Dr. Sachs has taken care of me and my family since. He is not only a great doctor, but also a friend who listens, laughs and cries with you. He is the best!

- Kathy Titus

Sachs Family Dental feels like family! They cared not only about my teeth, but about what was going on at my life at the time. They gave me their honest opinions about treatment options and listened to me about my unique circumstances – financial and otherwise. I never had to wait longer than a few minutes for my appointment. Everyone there was so kind and sensitive to how I was feeling while I was in the dentist’s chair. I am moving and I am very sad to leave Sachs Family Dental.

- Chelsea B.

I come from a very small town in the middle of nowhere Nebraska. I am used to going to the same grocery store, hardware store, gas station etc… These people know my name, they know my family, I guess that’s just the way a small town is. Dr. Sachs and his employees make me feel like im back home. All of them have a way of giving me that small town warmth in an ever growing city. Dr. Sachs is the quintessential dentist. My children are always stoked when they get to be on the “no cavity wall” and look forward to looting the prize box. He and his staff are laid back and fun, but are also very professional. I just cant say enough about this establishment, we are customers FOR LIFE.

- Suzie "The Super Q" Chesworth

Everyone is at Sachs Family Dental is friendly, professional, and kind. Hygienist Robin Roberts is very skilled and very good at handling children. She became an instant friend to me, and the time flew by as we chatted away. Dr. Sachs does beautiful work and does a good job of explaining things. He is also funny and makes the kids laugh. We come away feeling like we went on a grand adventure. The kids are always excited when we get to visit the dentist!

- Sara Wheelwright

We are one of those evil “dentist hopper” families. A couple times it wasn’t our fault – one of our dentists moved without telling us! We tried a couple places whose dental assistants were a little…”heavy handed” with the cleanings. The last place left me feeling like I had chewed on razors the way my gums were being manhandled. If the cleaning is that painful, who knows what other procedures would be like!! We put our trust in Sachs Family Dental as it was very close to home and was recommended by yet another dentist that moved without much warning. The office is beautiful, clean and inviting. The receptionist was gracious and kind both over the phone and in person. The dental assistants were knowledgeable and kind and my cleaning was MUCH more comfortable than my previous experience at the other place. My teeth felt as smooth as pearls when the cleaning was finished. Dr. Sachs took his time to really get a good look at my teeth and recommended some cavity fillings in some places where they were starting to form. He also checked my jaw where I had been feeling a bit of pain from throwing it out the week before. I felt like he and his staff really cared about me and wanted me to have the best smile possible. It was a bit longer than other dental visits I’ve been to, but I felt that it was because they wanted to be thorough (especially with a new patient) and to make sure I had all my needs met. I am overall very satisfied with my experience there and look forward to future visits! Thank you for everything guys!

- Savannah Nicholes

Very professional and excellent environment. Superb job on cleaning and clear explanations for dental plan and estimated costs.

- Kim Nielsen

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